There's a special version of iText built for Android and Google App Engine.

Differences between the iText core library and the Android/GAE port:

  1. iTextG uses SpongyCastle instead of Bouncy Castle. Make sure to download and include the right jars: scprov-jdk15on and scpkix-jdk15on
  2. References to any of the classes not on the Google App Engine whitelist have been removed.

Important notes:

  1. Concerning the use of iTextG on Google App Engine: Refrain from using the constructor of PdfReader that uses a path.
  2. Concerning the use of iTextG on Android: Android 4.0 (and higher) changed how it uses Certificates: The KeyChain API will not allow SpongyCastle from getting a certificate (at the time of writing: September 2013). You can use the certificates outside of this API.

Google App Engine

The port for Android also works on GAE provided that you avoid using methods that depend on the file system. We have not removed them since they are useful on an Android device, but it doesn't make sense to use them in the context of Google App Engine.

The price for Google App Engine differs from iTextG. Normally we find Capacity Rental is the appropriate license. This is due to the scalability during peak traffic times of the VMs that will be used on GAE. Occasionally, a Server License could be an option. Contact sales to discover the specific solution for your project.


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