iText, Programmable PDF software

Need a jump-start on how to use iText? Download these two ebooks for free:

The Best iText Questions on StackOverflow The Future of Invoicing

This book bundles hundreds of questions about iText posted by developers on StackOverflow. The answers are organized in categories which allows you to get a fair idea of the functionality available in iText.

Although this book is about creating invoices that comply with the ZUGFeRD standard, this book can also be read step by step tutorial on how to create PDF documents using iText.

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fast50 Hermes Award - iText Gets a New Look


iText in Action

book The "iText in Action" books offer an introduction and a practical guide to iText and the internals of PDF. This book lowers the learning curve and, through numerous innovative and practical examples, unlocks the secrets hidden in ISO-32000.

The first and second edition of "iText in Action" were bestsellers published by Manning Publications Co. Bruno has started writing a series of new books that will be made available on LeanPub.