iText 5.0.2 (April 13, 2010)

  • Changes made by Paulo Soares
    • EncryptionRevision 3 and 4 only requires the first key length bytes to be hashed 50 times (fix of a problem reported by the people of pdfforge).
    • Fixed height didn't work correctly in PdfPCell.
    • CFFFontSubset: avoiding a NullPointerException
    • XfaForm: skipping white space
    • BaseFont: Not all the xobjects have resources and that was causing a NullPointerException.
    • Java 5 code simplifications in PdfCopy and PdfContentByte
    • PdfPTable: New method to reset the number of columns.
    • Added support for QR barcode. The code is based in ZXing (Apache license).
    • PdfPTable: Fix for row span above bug (timmo3). See itextsharp bug #2979944.
    • HTML Markup: Support for absolute-size (CSS).
    • AcroFields: introduction of the class FieldPosition to make the code more readable.
  • Changes made by Kevin Day
    • CMapAwareDocumentFont: Tweaks to make processing quasi-invalid PDF files more robust
    • PdfContentReaderTool: null pointer handling, plus a few well placed flush calls
    • PdfContentReaderTool: Show details on resource entries
    • PdfContentStreamProcessor: Adjustment so embedded images don't cause parsing problems and improvements to EI detection
    • LocationTextExtractionStrategy: Fixed anti-parallel algorithm, plus accounting for negative inter-character offsets. Change to text extraction strategy that builds out the text model first, then computes concatenation requirements.
    • Adjustments to linesegment implementation; optimalization of changes made by Bruno to text extraction; for example: introduction of the class MarkedContentInfo.
    • Major refactoring of interface to text extraction functionality: for instance introduction of class PdfReaderContentParser
  • Changes made by Mark Storer
    • PdfImage: Provide a "nice" resource name when a null image name is passed to us.
  • Changes made by Bruno
    • Image: avoiding possible null pointer exception
    • AcroFields: Making deprecated public variables protected
    • PdfGState: new method setRenderingIntent()
    • PdfGraphics2D: performance improvement, contributed by Peter Harvey.
    • PdfContentReaderTool: avoiding possible NullPointerException
    • PdfName: added new name OC related constants for Not, Or, FG, Ind, and so on.
    • New class PdfVisibilityExpression: Support for visibility expressions in OC membership dictionaries.
    • Optional content usage: support for PageElement and User
    • New class TaggedPdfReaderTool: tool that is able to convert a Tagged PDF into an XML file.
    • New class TextMarginFinder: strategy to find the boundaries of text
    • Introduced MarkedContent info in the TextRenderInfo
    • Introduced a PdfImageObject for the ImageRenderInfo
    • Replacing getStartPoint and getEndPoint with getLineSegment.
    • PdfDictionary: new method clear()
    • PdfCollection: Collections can also have a custom view.
    • PdfAnnotation: suggestion by Eric de Beus to add a method to create Polygon/Polyline annotations. As the two methods suggested by Eric were identical except for one line, I merged them into one method.
    • BaseFont: TrueTypeFont.WindowsMetrics.usWeightClass and usWidthClass and made both accessible via TrueTypeFont.getFontDescriptor() (posted to the mailing list by Thimo Seitz 14/07/2009 14:12)
    • Tabs and justified alignment don't mix. Not really a bug fix, but at least the line doesn't jump out of the text column anymore.
    • FDF files are now generated as version 1.4 (instead of 1.2)
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