iText 2.0.4 (June 4, 2007)

  • Changes made by Xavier
    • We have moved from CVS to SVN! Xavier is also starting a JDK 1.3 and a 1.5 branch for iText.
    • BarcodePDF417: use StringBuffer instead of concatenating strings. side effect: code now compiles with jdk13.
    • Dynamic generation of the MANIFEST.MF file (change in the ANT script)
    • Several code clean up operations
  • Changes made by Paulo
    • TIFF: broken tiffs may not have the next IFD pointer
    • HTMLWorker: added ImageProvider to be able to select arbitrary images based on the "src" property
    • PdfPKCS7: the X509 parsing code for the sub-filter adbe.x509.rsa_sha1 was taking the certificates from the wrong place.
    • added the option to not use memory mapped files
    • named destinations are treated as binary allowing the eventual localization
    • RtfParagraph: changed a member from private to protected to be able to compile RtfListItem
    • Several javadoc corrections
  • Changes made by Mark
    • Modified the filterSpecialChar method to write directly to the OutputStream (Thomas Bickel).
    • RtfDocument: just use getBytes for String to byte[] translation.
    • RtfNewPage: made NEW_PAGE constant public
    • Added support for different bullet characters and for spacing before/after list items. The idea for the solution was suggested by Felix Satyaputra.
  • Changes made by Bruno
    • The organization of the files (lib directory) has been changed; the jars needed to compile iText and the tutorial examples are now in SVN.
    • Changes to the ANT scripts due to the move from CVS to SVN.
    • Clean up of the ANT scripts
    • New documentation: how to get the code from SVN, how to create an Eclipse project, how to use the ANT scripts
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