iText 2.0.2 (April 13, 2007)

  • Changes made by Paulo
    • Added some convenience methods in PdfArray and PdfDictionary
    • intHashtable: next() didn 't return the right object
    • AcroFields: short names are recognized in all methods if the form is XFA
    • PdfGraphics2D bugfix: getComposite() will return what was set in setComposite()
    • Barcodes: pattern caching to improve speed
    • Barcodes: added DataMatrix barcode support
    • PdfName: added the property user units
    • Type3Font: more flexible glyph definition (contributed by Kevin Knowlden)
    • iText now makes a distinction between the user and owner password
    • bugfix: hyphenation could throw an exception if the split character was not a space
    • javadoc corrections in CFFFontSubset, PdfArray, PdfDashPattern, PdfDictionary, PdfString
  • Changes made by Xavier
    • Made the source code ASCII only to fix encoding problems
  • Changes made by Bruno
    • Lists: removal of some System.out debug code
    • The inner class to handle indentation was made static in PdfDocument
    • HTMLWorker: avoiding a NumberFormatException for numeric attribute values (quick and dirty fix)
    • Files altered with PdfStamper get a fileID
    • SimpleBookmark: better exception message
    • SAXiTextHandler: moved addImage to an separate method
    • iText toolbox: added a new tool to compress/decompress page streams
    • PdfEncryption/PdfReader: added some convenience methods contributed by Michael Schierl. These convenience methods make it easier for tool builders to work with encryption.
  • Changes made by Mark
    • RtfDocument: made the filterSpecialChar method resilient against null Strings
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