Chapter 10: Brightening up your PDF with color and images

Chapter 10 of the book iText in Action 2E covers:
  • Using color in PDF documents
  • Introducing transparency
  • Using images in PDF documents
This chapter starts with an introduction to color spaces. DeviceRGB, DeviceCMYK, DeviceGray, Separation and Pattern are the color spaces for which iText has specific color classes that can be used as font, fill and/or stroke color. You'll learn all about transparency, and you'll get an overview of the different image types that are supported by iText. Finally, you'll make images transparent using masking and clipping.
  • 10.1: Working with the iText color classes
    • 10.1.1: Device colors
    • 10.1.2: Spot colors
    • 10.1.3: Painting patterns
    • 10.1.4: Transparency
  • 10.2: Overview of supported image types
    • 10.2.1: JPEG, JPEG2000, GIF, PNG, BMP, WMF, TIFF, and JBIG2
    • 10.2.2: Creating a raw image
    • 10.2.3: CCITT compressed images
    • 10.2.4: Creating barcodes
    • 10.2.5: Working with java.awt.Image
    • 10.2.6: Compressing images
    • 10.2.7: Images consisting of multiple pages or frames
  • 10.3: Making images transparent
    • 10.3.1: Images and transparency
    • 10.3.2: Masking images
    • 10.3.3: Clipping images
  • 10.4: Summary
Consult the full table of contents, take a look at the illustrations from this chapter, or try out some of the examples: